Partial Cover of Growing the Church Book

How can leaders and churches grow in their ability to discern and cooperate with the guidance of the Holy Spirit? 

There is a lost and hurting world next door, down the street, and across oceans.

As churches and Christ-followers, we are mandated to reach those who are lost with the Good News of Jesus.

Unfortunately, too often, churches and individuals rely on business techniques, charismatic leadership, or other human endeavors.

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit gives principles to pastors and church leaders on how to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than outside influences, to grow Christ’s Church.

This book and conference offers a biblical basis and practical approach for nurturing a dynamic cooperative process within churches, drawing on experience from around the world.

By learning these dynamics and putting in place the means for them to be exercised, renewal and transformation will come to congregations.

As these dynamics combine together, facilitated by the leadership yet made real by the Holy Spirit, we experience a complex reality that evidences Jesus’ reign as head of His body, the church. These are:

The focus is not on church structures, activities or styles of worship, but on the deeper issue of allowing the Lord to direct the life of His Church.

Examples from case studies provide insights into the leadership practicalities of introducing these dynamics into the life of local congregations.

There are unique advantages when planting new churches, but the book and conference focus especially on the task of transforming the attitudes, understanding, ethos, and practices of existing congregations for cooperation with the Holy Spirit.


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