Advanced Ministry Courses will take you further in knowledge and practical application in specific areas of cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Concepts that are introduced in the Dunamis Project are developed at greater depth with a cohort of people.

Prior involvement in the Dunamis Project is a pre-requisite, Some exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the course director.

You must enroll and be accepted by the course administrator.

Advanced Healing and Deliverance

You'll learn how to allow the Spirit to teach and lead you in the area of healing and deliverance ministry.

You will learn to do healing and deliverance ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit, through practical teaching and first hand experience in the safety of a small group.  This is why we have scheduled a good deal of small group time and practice throughout the yearlong process.

The course includes three onsite events spread throughout the year, a reading list, mentoring and practical experience.

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Exousia - Developing Leaders for Dunamis 

The Exousia Leadership Development Track of the Dunamis Institute is the tool PRMI will use to raise up new teachers, new leaders, and new intercessors for the work of expanding the reach of Dunamis world wide.

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Advanced Intercession

PRMI’s Dunamis Project 3: The Power of Prayer introduces the subject of intercession.  But once people begin to move forward in intercessory prayer, there are often questions that arise, such as “There are so many needs, how do I know which I should pray about?”, “How do I know I am praying God’s will in a situation”, “How does the Holy Spirit guide us in prayer?”

The purpose of this course is to address some of these questions, and also to provide a place to connect with other people who are asking new questions and having new experiences as they grow in prayer.

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