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CrossDoveLogoThe Dunamis Institute was established to bring all of the programmatic and teaching expressions of PRMI under one banner.

To understand the present need for the Dunamis Institute we must go back to our founding in 1966.

Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International (PRMI) was established in 1966 as “Presbyterian Charismatic Communion.”  There was a strong teaching aspect of the ministry.  For the complete history of the ministry and its unique role in the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit please visit PRMI's website.

Teaching ministry  was necessary in many mainline Presbyterian and Reformed churches throughout the world because there had been a profound neglect of the Third Person of the Trinity. This teaching work was expressed in booklets and llarge conferences that  always offered workshops.  Audio tapes from these events contained this teaching and they had a worldwide distribution. 

From 1991 until 2010, PRMI's teaching ministry focused on  the Dunamis Project. This includes six five-day intensive events that are held every six months in a strategic location. Generally it takes three years to complete all six events which we call a “track.”   (Read more on the Dunamis Project here)

The first Dunamis track was started in 1991 at Lake George NY, USA.  Over the last 25 years, there have been many tracks offered in numerous locations in North America, UK, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Many different teaching materials have been developed based upon the foundations established in the original six units of the Dunamis Project.

These include

  • published books,
  • the Dunamis Video Courses
  • and Ignite for Congregations.
  • Advanced Ministry Courses on Intercession, and Healing and Deliverance, and Spiritual Leadership
  • Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Thousands of people have been through the equipping process and are now working to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in their various contexts - from home groups, to congregations, to mission organizations.

The fruit of conversions to Jesus Christ in terms of lives changed, effectiveness in ministry and congregations renewed and empowered to take part in witnessing to Jesus Christ, is difficult to quantify. Especially since much of the fruit is in places such as China, Uganda, or Brazil, where we have no way of knowing just how many have been affected. But to get a glimpse of the fruit of this equipping approach, please check out the short video interviews with Christians who have been through the teaching with the result of empowerment for witness and ministry. Their lives have been changed,and they have been a part of this strategic, life-changing work of advancing the Kingdom of God.

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