The Dunamis Institute Mission

Equip the Church for the Advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To Equip Christians

The Dunamis Insititute exists to equip ordinary Christians who are 

  • Growing as disciples of Jesus Christ,
  • Being governed by the  Bible as the word of God, which is their authority in all matters of faith and practice,
  • And cooperating with the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God in the contexts
  • to which Jesus Christ has called them.

Our goal for you is to help equip you to take part in the ministries of Jesus Christ, growing the Church and advancing the Kingdom of God by:

  1. Becoming aware of Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit’s equipping, offered to all called into the Kingdom of God. (Acts 2:38-39)
  2. Acquiring a basic personal and academic knowledge of the Bible’s teaching of, and a Reformed theological framework for, understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 12:1)
  3. Receiving the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8 to be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ.
  4. Growing in the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in all the diverse areas that Jesus calls us to as a part of His Kingdom Work. (healing prayer ministry, evangelism, growing the church, intercession, deliverance, etc.).

To Preserve the Ethos and Prepare Teachers in PRMI

There is a continually developing need to preserve the legacy of the teaching and practice of Dunamis to ensure a consistency of delivery that is culturally appropriate and retains the essential characteristics and ethos of Dunamis, wherever it is taught.  This consistency is needed not only in the teaching materials, but also in other areas such as the deliberate choice to work in teams, to move from teaching into practice, the accountability of leadership through collective discernment and debrief, and other essentials - in other words, the 'ethos' of Dunamis.

The Dunamis Insitute is also where the ministry of PRMI oversees and provides the training for PRMI teachers and leaders.    Those who are teaching and leading practical application at Dunamis, Upward Challenge, With the Wind, Ignite, Growing the Church and Exousia are expected to have a higher level of training and oversight to make sure that what is taught is true both to PRMI's source materials and to the ethos of the ministry.

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