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Dunamis Video Course Unit I - Gateways to Empowered Ministry: Topics


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Welcome to Gateways to Empowered Ministry!

This is our first unit of the self-study courses and our foundational course on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. In this course we focus on developing Biblical perspectives in three main areas:

  1. Worldview
  2. Spiritual reality
  3. Nature and work of the Holy Spirit

This is the full course material, only it is not moderated by one of our faculty members. 

We encourage you to take your time and review each lesson in sequence. 

If you have any questions about this material, please contact Suzi Gibbs at .

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The purpose of the Dunamis teaching is to equip Christians for ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and the glory of Jesus Christ.  Our preparation for spiritual leadership, evangelism and missions is the same as the first disciples: In addition to three years of receiving Jesus' teaching, following Him in ministry, and being born again, they were required to remain in Jerusalem until they were "clothed with power from on high."

We require the same preparation as the first disciples if we are to follow Jesus' ministry.  Out intention then, in the Dunamis teaching, is to receive and to learn to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

To begin the course, please download the Manual Introduction.

Lesson 1: The Holy Spirit and The Great Commission

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

Introduction of the 10 week course on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Worldview

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

Is it possible to be empowered by the Holy Spirit as Jesus and the early disciples were?  Is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, in signs and wonders as recorded in the New Testament, possible today?  In short, is the Dunamis Project a legitimate project for us to undertake?

Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit and the Trinity

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

Who or what is the Holy Spirit?  Is it a supernatural power or force?  Is it a divine emanation?  Or is He God?  Answering this question on the nature of the Holy Spirit correctly is extremely important for our answer will deterimine our attitude toward, and experience of, the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 4: Expanding Our Worldview

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

For many of us, undertaking the Dunamis Project will require expanding our worldview to include the supernatural and the spiritual realms.  This does not imply discarding our rationalism, but rather expanding our view to include realities that are transrational.  Expanding or changing worldview is often a growth process with many aspects.

Lesson 5: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

The Spirit as the Third Person of the Trinity has existed and been active from eternity.  His work has its roots and beginnings in the Old Covenant.  Only as we see the Spirit's work in the Old Testament may we fully understand His work in the New Testament and in the present.

Lesson 6: Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

In Jesus, all the Old Testament prophecies find their fulfillment and are transcended.  In His own blood, Jesus established the New Covenant, which is the basis of a new relationship between God and the human race.  In and through Jesus, the Holy Spirit begins a new form of work in the world.  Paul calls this new reality brought in by Christ the "dispensation of the Spirit."

Lesson 7: The Four Basic Works of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Richard White and Jeanne Kraak

From the witness of Scripture we may discern three general ways that the Holy Spirit is at work among us.  These are justification, sanctification and empowerment.  The result of this three-fold working, and distinctive in its own right, is what seems to be a fourth operation of the Holy Spirit.  This is koinonia.

Lesson 8: Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

What does it mean to be "filled with the Holy Spirit?"  In scripture, the language and symbols describing God's nature and work are extremely important.  A lack of clarity, or non-biblical meanings attached to this term, has been a major obstacles to Christians in the Reformed tradition being open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 9: is there a baptism of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

We are challenged to intentionally ask for and to appropriate by faith the outer empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  The biblical term baptism with the Holy Spirit is a legitimate expression to describe the first time this conscious appropriation takes place.  Clearly, Jesus intended that we rely not on our ability and insights in Christian maturity, but on His power.

Lesson 10: Growing in Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Rev. Dr. Richard White

We transition from the book of Acts to the continuing acts of the Holy Spirit today.  Acts 1:4-8 initiates the working of the Holy Spirit that continues as a present reality and necessity for the advancement of the Kingdom of God until Christ returns in glory.

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