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Dunamis Video Course Unit II : In the Spirit's Power: Topics


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Welcome to the Self-Study Dunamis Course Unit II - In the Spirit's Power: Cooperating with the Holy Spirit to do the Work of Jesus Christ

This Dunamis teaching follows the "Gateways to Empowered Ministry" unit that led us into the inward and outward work of the Holy Spirit.  

This unit now addresses the overall dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit to work with Jesus to build the Kingdom of God on earth.

This Self-study material is meant for individual use only and is not to be presented in a group. If you desire to present this material to a group or Bible study, please contact the office at

This is the full course material, only it is not moderated by one of our faculty members.  We encourage you to take your time and review each lesson in sequence.

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Lesson One: Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

This first lesson begins with Jesus Christ establishing the Kingdom of God and making a way for us to enter into a new reality.  We review the Gateways teaching on the inward and outward working of the Holy Spirit and discuss how the Spirit builds the Church and advances the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lesson Two: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Life in Between the Times

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

We provide a map of where we are and who we are in the Kingdom of God.  We then discuss the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the practical tools for building the Kingdom of God.

Lesson 3: The Dynamic of Cooperating with the Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

Jesus is our model for cooperating with the Holy Spirit.  He worked in cooperation with the Holy Spirit as prophet, priest and king.  

This same dynamic of cooperation will be true for us as we live the new reality of the Kingdom of God in the between-the times.  

The same Spirit who anointed Jesus is also anointing us! 

Lesson Four: Receiving Guidance and Cooperating with the Holy Spirit to do the Work of Jesus Christ

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

We review the conditions for receiving guidance and then specifically address the ways that the Holy Spirit may speak to us today.  Every phase of our cooperation with the Holy Spirit to do the work of Jesus depends on receiving guidance.  Without guidance, we do not know what steps to take in obedience.

Lesson Five: Discernment: Is this really from God?

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

The gift of discernment is a vital necessity for the Church.  Without it, the body of Christ is vulnerable to the assaults of Satan and false teachers and teaching.  Without discernment, Christians are unable to move forward boldly, trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson Six: Introduction to Manifestational Gifts and Words of Wisdom and Knowledge

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

In 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 Paul emphasizes the diversity of the expressions of the Holy Spirit's power and presence, stressing that they all come from the SAME Holy Spirit.

These are not only gifts.  More importantly, they are "manifestations" or expressions of the Holy Spirit's presence in the midst of the "eschatological" people of God.

All of these "manifestations" make the presence of the living God visible and audible.

Lesson Seven:Faith, Healing and Miracles

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

In this lesson we will explore the three manifestational gifts of faith, healing and miracles.  Faith is key in cooperating with the Holy Spirit.  Healings and miracles are some of the results of that cooperation.  Their purpose is to make real the Kingdom of God and to give glory to Jesus Christ.

Lesson Eight: Prophecy and Discernment

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

Prophecy and the discernment of prophecy always need to go together.  Prophecy is speaking for God.  It is a word that may reveal what God is going to do in the future, but most often it is God's invitation to join Him in creating the future.

Lesson Nine: Tongues and Interpretation

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

Tongues has often been problematic in the Church so careful attention is given to this gift.  We first show the context in which this gift is experienced in the New Testament, and then define the four different ways that it is expressed.  We conclude with possible blocks to receiving this gift. 

Lesson Ten: The Church Doing Jesus' Ministry though the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Brad Long

In the Church the end time is beginning to become real in the midst of a fallen world.  The Holy Spirit is working to bring into reality Jesus Christ as prophet, priest and king.

Lesson Eleven:Discovering Your Motivational Spiritual Gifts

Dr. Larry Selig

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