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Dunamis Video Course Unit III : The Power of Prayer: Topics


Welcome to the Self-Study Dunamis Unit III
The Power of Prayer

Presented by: The Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

This course presents the invitation to undertake a great adventure of growing in the work of prayer that is centered in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This third course in our equipping series is focused on prayer, because: 

  1. Prayer is the first work, because it is the way that the Holy Spirit will grow us in intimacy with Jesus and the Father.  
  2. Prayer is the first and most basic way that the Holy Spirit will guide us and empower us to work with God.  From prayer flows all other works.

If you have any questions about the course please contact Mary Ellen at

Lesson 1:Introduction: Prayer that Shapes the Future

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

The many ideas believers have about prayer have given rise to many types of prayer.  There are also different ways that the Holy Spirit will lead us to pray.  Further, in the Bible Jesus models for us several different forms of prayer.  We will be learning about some of these in this course.

The topic, however, is vast!  There is no way we can cover all these different forms of prayer in ten short lessons.

We have thus been led to focus the course primarily on prayer which is for cooperating with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in building and shaping the Kingdom of God on earth.  This is prayer that shapes the future.  We may call this "dynamic prayer" and it fits primarily under the category of intercessory prayer.

Lesson 2

Basic Ingredients of Prayer

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

Prayer, simply put, is relationship and communication with God.  In developing the life of prayer, as well as cultivating specific times of prayer, one will find that there are basic building blocks that, like the syntax of a sentence, give coherence and form.  They enable the divine/human dialogue.  These basic ingredients of conversation with God are revealed to us in the Bible.

While these basic ingredients will give a form to your prayers, as you grow in prayer you will find that your own patterns will develop.

Lesson 3

The Role of the Holy Spirit in Prayer

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

Are there not many times when you have not known how to pray?  It is right here at the point of our weakness that the Holy Spirit comes through to help us in prayer.  This topic of the Holy Spirit is vital for moving forward in this work of prayer.

Lesson 4

The Power of Asking in the Name of Jesus Christ

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

Jesus taught his disciples some pivotal principles about asking in prayer that still apply today.  In particular He taught about: 1) Asking in His name, 2) Asking together, in agreement, and 3) Asking in faith.

Through these ways of asking, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we have authority today to advance His Kingdom and to do His work.

Lesson 5

How God Answers Prayer

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

It is assumed throughout these teachings that God does indeed answer prayer.  From the witness of scripture, the history of the Church, and personal experience, we know that this is true.  But there are two questions we must wrestle with if we are to understand the true nature of prayer and its importance in the way God has set up the world.

"Why does God answer our prayers?"

"How does God answer prayer?"

Lesson 6

Into the Wilderness: Growing in Friendship with God

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

In this lesson we must deal with what for many of us is the most painful part of our growing in the work of prayer.  First there is the problem of God seeming not to answer our prayers.  The second is the spiritual condition known as "wilderness" when we experience God's silence.  In our struggles both of these questions are related and may lead into one another.

Lesson 7

Into the Gap: The Call to Intercession

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

To understand the work of intercession we need to focus our attention on Jesus Christ.  He is our teacher and model of prayer.  In the Bible Jesus is given certain titles that define His work on our behalf.

The Greek meaning of "intercessor" is, "to meet with, come between."  The essence then of intercessory prayer is to come before God the Father on behalf of others.

Lesson 8

The Work of Intercession

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

While Jesus is the greatest of all intercessors, He is preceded by the first great intercessor, Moses.  The work of Moses has a two-fold movement:

First, he was sent from God to the people.  He spoke to the people on the behalf of God.  This is the role of the prophet.

The second movement was from the people to God.  Moses often pleaded the case of the people before God.  This is his role as intercessor and priest.

Lesson 9

Nurturing Prayer in the Local Church

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

We need to pray in a group so that we can do the complete work of prayer; this requires a variety of gifts, personalities and callings.  It takes all of the gifts and personalities together to complete the work of prayer.  None of us alone can do it.  We need each other!

Lesson 10

Vision and Prayer

Rev. Dr. Brad Long and Mary Ellen Conners

In scripture and in Church history we discover that vision gives the big picture of God's work in the world so that we may participate in it.

Abraham, Moses, Nehemiah and the prophets were all people who undertook humanly impossible tasks because they were fired with a vision of a new reality given by God.  It was a vision of Christ and His kingdom that inspired and directed Peter, John, Paul and the others who followed Jesus and took the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Vision is the open door into the Father's heart and the way of cooperating with the Holy Spirit to create the reality of Jesus Christ's work.

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