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Course Descriptions

There has been a lot of misunderstanding and division in the Church today about the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost.

Through our teaching and equipping materials, you will receive a very biblical and scriptural presentation of who the Holy Spirit is and what the Holy Spirit does.

You will learn how we can only accomplish what God calls us to do through His power and strength.

Everyone of us who has been a part of this incredible journey of following Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit started out with lots of doubts and questions.  

Some of us did not really think that the power of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts were available for believers for today. 

But as we

  • explored what the bible says,
  • heard the systematic teaching, and
  • actually experienced this dynamic work of the Spirit,

we have plunged into a deeper and more vital living relationship with not just God the Father, and God the Son Jesus Christ, but also God the Holy Spirit.

DISCOVER the Dunamis Institute’s biblical teaching on the role of the Holy Spirit in

  • equipping us as witnesses to Jesus Christ,
  • empowering us to grow the Church,
  • gifting us for effective ministry,
  • calling us to take part in advancing the Gospel and
  • building the Kingdom of God.

Dunamis Logo

Dunamis Project

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8 NIV)

Jesus promised 'Power from on high.'

Explore Biblical teaching about what the Holy Spirit does and what that means for us in practice today.

There are a total of six in-depth, 5-day long equipping events where you get to be part of a learning community..  

Topics include co-operating with the Spirit, spiritual gifts, prayer, healing, spiritual warfare, evangelism.  

Read more at The Dunamis Project.

Growing the Church Logo

Growing the Church


An Approach : Not a Program

How can leaders and churches discern and cooperate with the Spirit's activity?

Discover practical principles for keeping in step with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Not merely another church program, but an approach to cooperating with the Holy Spirit that underpins the breadth of a church's programs and activities.

Read more at Growing The Church

Ignite Logo PRMI HRIgnite

Ignite events are condensed, 2-day workshops that use Dunamis material.  

They are typically conducted on Friday evenings and all day Saturday.

Ignite provides opportunity for a congregation to catch the Holy Spirit’s flame and grow in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.   

Ignite conveys a Biblical message that will enrich and empower the people of your church, enabling them to serve with joy.

Each Ignite event will include worship, teaching, testimonies, practical application of the teaching, prayer and community building.

Read more about Ignite


wtw logo vertWith the Wind 

Preparing young adults for leadership in learning how to follow the leading of God's Holy Spirit in our day-to-day lives.

Designed for young adults in the 18 -30 year old range.

Read more at With The Wind


Upward Challenge

Upward Challenge is a week-long event that focuses on introducing High School aged youth to the person of the Holy Spirit.

It encourages them to seek a deeper walk with Jesus Christ and nurtures a growing relationship with God the Father.

Upward Challenge is a unique event that places PRMI’s Dunamis-based teaching in a camp setting where youth learn by hands-on interaction and activity.

Incoming 8th-graders through graduated seniors are welcome to participate. 

Read More at Upward Challenge

Advanced Courses

Three Advanced Ministry Courses are offered, covering the following topics:

1. Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course

2. Advanced Intercession

3. Exousia - On Spiritual Leadership and Preparing to Teach Dunamis

Participation in Dunamis Projects and being a member of the Dunamis Fellowship International are required before you can participate in these courses.  Some exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the course director.

Read more at Advanced Courses

Specialized Courses

Some times throughout the year, we offer courses that are a custom event utilizing the principles taught in the Dunamis Course.  

Prior involvement in Dunamis Projects are helpful, but not required.

Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission

The Spiritual Dynamics of Global Missions is a week long event held at the Community of the Cross.  

Missionaries and supporters gather for a week of intense training, personal prayer ministry, and learning how to apply the principles of the Dunamis Project wherever they serve.

Read More at Spiritual Dynamics of Global Mission

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