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Upward Challenge

Do you want to...

  • Spend a week having fun with a great community of Christ-followers.
  • Get serious about your relationship with Jesus?
  • Experience the joy of being in the presence of God? 
  • Impact the world through dynamic prayer?
  • Get some quiet space and time alone for prayer and reflection.
  • Understand the Holy Spirit and how He wants to work through you?
  • Make God real in your community?

...then come to one of our Upward Challenge camps!

Upward Challenge is a week-long event that focuses on introducing youth to the person of the Holy Spirit, encourages them to seek a deeper walk with Jesus Christ and nurtures a growing relationship with God the Father.

During the week, youth participate in

  • interactive teaching sessions,
  • small group discussions,
  • personal solo times,
  • one-on-one prayer ministry,
  • powerful times of worship,
  • group games,
  • a challenging field trip, and
  • times of wonderful fellowship and service.

Upward Challenge is a unique event that places PRMI’s Dunamis teaching in a camp setting where youth learn by hands-on interaction and activity.

Student Leaders

For some young people the impact goes even deeper.

A major aspect of Upward Challenge is developing young leaders.

We invest significant time and energy into helping some of them to learn how to be spiritual leaders, including mentoring and involving them in some key leadeship roles.

They have the privilege of receiving extra support, with hands-on learning about how to be a leader in the Kingdom of God.


Each Upward Challenge camp has a vital focus.

We dig deep into topics that make faith a dynamic, supernatural activity.  

As well as great Bible-based teaching, we'll also make space for personal encounters with the awesome living God (hey, who wants to be stuck with 'theory' without the reality too?!)

4D Human with the spiritual dimension

Does Christian discipleship seem 'flat'? Is there meant to be more than this? Jesus was radically different, full of life, hope, promise and power. And he wants us to have this kind of life - life with the spiritual dimension included.

So let's put on our 4D glasses and have a really good look at what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit, who he is and how he works in people's lives. The 4D Human theme explores...

  • Getting past the 'filters' which restrict our view of what God can do.
  • Walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowered Pioneer of our faith.
  • Being energized by the Holy Spirit for supernatural living here and now.

Jesus invites us to step into a new reality. He called it the 'Kingdom of God' - the life of heaven starting now, on earth: God's reign. And it happens through the Holy Spirit. Open your eyes and be energized.

Border Breaker

Border Breaker for Upward Challenge...not ashamed to spread the Gospel

Do people really need to hear about Jesus? Do you sometimes get the chance to talk about your faith with other people? If so, what's the message, and how can we tell it in a helpful, respectful way?

Border Breaker explores how the Holy Spirit can guide us to the right people, at the right time, with the right words. Discover how we can...

Join in with the work God is doing by listening to people and to the Holy Spirit.

Break through the fear barrier about evangelism.

Reach across social and spiritual borders for the sake of the Gospel.

Jesus was a man on a mission - God's search-and-rescue mission. He's commissioned us to continue the search, letting no barrier or border block other people from receiving his offer of life. It's time to get equipped.

Mountain Mover

Mountain Mover Growing in the Power of Prayer Upward Challenge...growing in the power of prayer

Prayer was a priority for Jesus at all times of day and night. But if we're honest, it's not always a priority for us (apart from emergencies!). So how can we discover the passion and power of prayer that's prompted by the Spirit?

Mountain Mover looks at...

Getting close to the God who really does want our company and conversation.

Praying in the tough times when God seems a million miles away.

Faith-filled prayer that moves mountains and shapes the future.

Jesus is already praying for us. He's already opened the front door into God's presence and invites us to come close - we're truly welcome. And he calls us to join in with his prayers, knowing that some things will only change when God's people get praying.

The Cost of Upward Challenge

Donations from attendees, their supporters and contributors to PRMI, make this possible. Please ask the Lord to guide you in giving to this event.

A guideline to help you might be to think about the cost of a four-day retreat or conference. If you are unable to give that amount, we invite you to ask your church, high-school group or kingdom-minded older adults you know to invest in God's kingdom-expanding through rising generations, and sponsor you.

PRMI is a faith-based ministry. It is supported solely by the gifts of supporters and participants in our programs.

At every Upward Challenge, you'll have the opportunity to hear about the vision of PRMI.

You'll be given an opportunity to give your free-will offering to support the work of the teaching ministry of PRMI around the world.

If there is a cost for room and board charged by the conference location, participants are expected to cover that cost. A 50% deposit is requested at the time of registration.

Locations of Upward Challenge

Event locations outside of the Community of the Cross in North Carolina (Black Mountain, NC) may vary.  

  • Community of the Cross, Black Mountain, North Carolina USA
  • Outside of Anchorage, Alaska
  • Great Britian
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

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