Description of Topical Studies needed as this fills out

We invite you to join us in praying for the Baptism and Infilling with the Holy Spirit.

  • Are you facing the challenge of doing impossible work for Jesus Christ?
  • Are you burned out in ministry or discouraged with having so little enduring fruit in your life?
  • Are you tired of depending on your own strength to follow Jesus?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then it is time to move beyond all the questions and doubts concerning the teaching on the Holy Spirit.

Now is the time to pray to receive this promise the Lord Jesus has made to all His disciples.

Welcome to Kingdom Advance.  In this advanced level course we are looking at a variety of topics that center around the idea of praying "Thy Kingdom Come."  

The content is directed towards those who feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit to engage in high-level intercession for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 

TO begin, please watch the introductory video below.

The sections for this course are as follows:

I. Preparation & Discerning Call
II. Praying Thy Kingdom Come
III. The Father's Master Strategy for Advancing the Kingdom of God
IV. Discerning the Times
V. Into the Battle with Jesus Christ

We advise that as you go through this material that you seek the Lord daily and make sure that you are being covered in prayer.  

This course is a series of talks taken from the conference in November 2013 Father, Thy Kingdom Come.  This conference took place at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC and features the teaching of Rev. Doug McMurry and Rev. Dr. Brad Long.  The content focuses on understanding the global movement of the Holy Spirit historically and geographically as a means to praying in cooperation with the work of the Holy Spirit.  Hopefully by this we see the desires of the Father and can truly pray, "Father, thy kingdom come and thy will be done."

This is a short study focusing specifically on worship, utilizing videos from the Exousia course. It will emphasize how worship functions within Dunamis.