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DP 1 Gateways To Empowered Ministry -- Milford, IA

2017 DP1 Gateways Dunamis Project: Gateways to Empowered Ministry

Do you desire to be effective in ministry, but have come to the end of your strength? Do you work to spread the Gospel, but just see a culture that opposes it? Didn’t Jesus’ disciples deal with these same challenges? How did they do it?

We know that it begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. But, what about the power and work of his Holy Spirit?

In the first of six Dunamis Projects, Gateways to Empowered Ministry looks at a Scriptural view of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

By the end of the first Dunamis Project you will have a sound, Biblically-based knowledge of

  • who the Holy Spirit is and
  • what the role of the Holy Spirit is today.
  • what it means to be filled with the Spirit.

Comments from recent participants:

  • The teaching on the Holy Spirit ‘within’ and ‘upon’ was the best I have heard.
  • Wonderful pulling together of Biblical instruction about the Holy Spirit.
  • What was most helpful? The teaching, the prayer, the atmosphere of community.
  • You’ve given me a biblical grid to understand my experience of Holy Spirit.

You’ll cover topics like:

  • Worldview
  • The Holy Spirit and the Trinity
  • The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
  • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • The Four Basic Works of the Holy Spirit
  • The Infilling With the Holy Spirit
  • The Nature and Experience of the Holy Spirit’s Power
  • Receiving and Growing in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Whether you have reached a place in your Christian faith or ministry where it feels like you are trying to do too much on your own, or you are simply curious or skeptical about the nature and work of the Holy Spirit for today, this conference is a fantastic way to begin your journey in cooperating with the work of God.

Date and Time

October 5-October 8, 2017

Registration begins at 4pm on October 5.  Dinner is not provided on Thursday.

We'll end before lunch on October 8.  Lunch is not included on Sunday.


Lake Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp
1203 Inwan St, Milford, IA 51351, USA


Single room: $195

Double room / per bed: $170

Married Couple:  $300

Commuter w/ lunch & dinner Fri &Sat:  $94 

Commuter no meals: $50


All events organized by PRMI are offering based.  Registration fees cover only your room and board that the conference center.  During your event, you'll be invited to share in the vision of PRMI and give an offering towards the ministry to advance our mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  Pray about how to participate long before you arrive.


Jeanne Kraak

Jeanne Kraak 160s
Jeanne Kraak has taught for PRMI all over the world since 1998. 

As Director for Ignite, she has a passion to see lay people empowered by the Holy Spirit and wants congregations to discover the joy of walking in dynamic cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

Jeanne is on staff with PRMI and lives in Black Mountain, NC.


Ben Wiersma

Ben Wiersma500x

Ben Wiersma is a seminary student, working towards ordination in the Christian Reformed Church. 

Ben has a passion or calling to train up Christians who are willing to advance the kingdom of God through evangelism and helping other believers. 

Ben's favorite discovery from Dunamis is that he does not have to do ministry by his own strength, wisdom, or power.  Ben was introduced to Dunamis by a man who told God stories in an Adult Sunday School class at his church.



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Event date 10-05-2017 7:00 PM
Event End Date 10-08-2017 1:00 PM
Registration Start Date 07-20-2017
Registered 43
Lake Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp
1203 Inwan St, Milford, IA 51351, USA
Lake Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp
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