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Online Self-Study Courses

The Dunamis Institute is offers some courses on-line in a self-study format where you can explore our systematic, biblical teaching on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, and run

  • on your own time,
  • at your own pace.

There is no official start/ending date.

They include down-loadable teaching manuals and video teaching.

If you are interested in taking one of these online Self Study courses, simply click on the title link to the course below.

  1. Gateways to Empowered Ministry: Introduces the basic teaching on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  2. In the Spirit's Power: Explores the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in doing the work of Jesus Christ.

  3. The Power of Prayer: Introduces the basic biblical principles of doing the work of intercessory prayer that shapes the future.

  4. Listening Evangelism: Practical teaching on how to share our faith in Jesus Christ led by the Holy Spirit who does the work of leading us in what to say and opens the doors into the hearts of others.

  5. How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit:  Four short video Lessons leading us to pray for the Baptism or Infilling with the Holy Spirit.

  6. Preparing for Pentecost:   Just before leaving his disciples, Jesus promised that he would send the Holy Spirit to empower them to be his witnesses (Acts 1:4,5,8). On Pentecost, this promise was fulfilled, the Holy Spirit was poured out and the disciples were baptized with the Spirit.  Links to the videos in Number 5 as part of the resource. Plus further lessons.

  7. Kingdom Advance.  This course, taught by Brad Long, Doug McMurry and others, focuses on equipping and mobilizing prayer for advancing the Kingdom of God. Topics range from presenting a Biblical history of the Kingdom of God to engaging the strongholds opposing the advance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the Muslim world.

  8. Father, Thy Kingdom Come.  Coming Soon.



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