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Dunamis Video Courses

The core teaching of Dunamis Project is how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  4 of the six units have been recorded on video for use in 10 section units.

Do you desire to be effective in ministry, but have come to the end of your strength?

Do you work to spread the Gospel, but just see a culture that opposes it?

Didn’t Jesus’ disciples deal with these same challenges? How did they do it?

We know that it begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ.  But, what about the power and work of his Holy Spirit?

In the first of six Dunamis Projects, Gateways to Empowered Ministry looks at a Scriptural view of the nature and work of the Holy Spirit.  By the end of the first Dunamis Project you will have a sound, Biblically-based knowledge of who the Holy Spirit is and what the role of the Holy Spirit is today.  You will also have an opportunity to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to be empowered for the advancement of the
Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

As the second unit of the Dunamis Project, this course explores in depth the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit and helps participants discern their own spiritual gifts and call into ministry.

Have you ever wanted to be more effective in your prayer life?

Do you think God only answers the prayers of “prayer warriors?”

Whether you think you are simply “not good” at prayer, want to go deeper in your walk with God through prayer, or want to grow in your understanding of intercessory prayer, this conference will give you Biblical foundations and practical instruction to help you grow in both personal and corporate prayer, led by the Holy Spirit.

In Dunamis Project 3 -The Power of Prayer you will look at how any Christian can pray with vision and power. Sessions move between focusing on growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayer and participating with God in shaping the future through intercessory prayer.

We’ll tackle growing in intimacy with Christ through contemplative prayer, the keys to praying with power, principles of intercessory prayer, revival prayer, and sharing in Kingdom advancement through prayer and vision, as well as practical teaching on how to mobilize prayer in local congregations.

This Self-Study Dunamis Video course presents our approach to evangelism and listening to the Holy Spirit, working in cooperation with Jesus Christ to share the Good News of the Gospel with others.

The course is offered on an offering basis.

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